Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Day 1: Introduction to the Media Production 07/09/15

On the first day at Ravensbourne on my foundation course in Media Production, I was very excited and nervous because I didn't know what I would be expecting. It was a new learning experience and also a new learning atmosphere which I had to get used to. 
I was introduced to Othello and Alice, two tutors who were photographers who started off by showing us their previous work and projects and also explained their research behind it. I found this quite interesting as through this I got to learn a bit about who they were and what they were into through their photography. I especially liked how they explained their thinking process behind their images and how they experimented and expanded their ideas through exploring and looking into the history of their subject topic.

They then introduced us to the history of photography. I found this part quite informative as it was brief and to the point and showed us images taken and equipment used throughout the last 170 years. I also got to learn about some of the pioneering inventors who helped to develop and improve the technology used in photography. Although I'm keen in photography, i had never seen some of the inventors before so it was interesting to see how photography was processed and some of the cameras used before the digital age. I think this brief history lesson was helpful as I wrote a lot of the pioneers names down and went home to further research about them. 

Research was a key part of the day and the tutors expressed the importance of researching and documenting the process while here at Ravensbourne in our sketchbooks and blogs. This was helpful and insightful as I  hadn't ever had to keep a sketchbook before so it as a new thing for me and I was glad that
Lastly, Othello and Alice introduced us to  our topics for photography; Memory and Identity. 
We had to split into groups of five and discuss what these two topics meant. My group decided to do a small brainstorm on what we thought these topics meant and the different sub categories that fit into identity.
This was quite a good exercise as I got to know people as well as work in a team which is very important. We came up with some good ideas together that we had to present to the rest of the class which I didn't enjoy as much because I felt a little embarrassed in front of people who I wasn't familiar with yet but it was a good way of gaining confidence.

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