Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Introduction to sound design (21.09.15)

On the first day of sound design, I was quite intrigued to the subject as I'd never studied the subject in education before and was interested in what I would learn. Our tutor for this part of the course, Seb, told us about the two projects we would have to complete for this:
- The first project was to create a sound piece that was one minute long that told a journey without the use of non-diegetic music/soundtrack
- The second project was to create a sound piece to accompany a movie scene/iconic photograph.

The majority of the day was introducing the class to the different types of sound in film, such as diegesis which I was familiar with already from studying film previously. We also looked at how sound is used to help us understand reality and that it's very important in

Out of the whole day, I found the most interesting part was thinking about sound/creating sound for still images. I had never thought about adding the sound to a still image before and I now look at images differently and try to imagine the sound happening in the photo. It has put a whole new perspective on viewing photography that I had never even considered before.

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